Soulful Tribe


Soulful Tribe is a group of people who support each other in their way to a soulful connnection with their horse.

We designed this group to be able to support people world wide with their horse.

How does it work?

Every year we travel to different countries for workshops and lessons. For the Soulful Tribe, we try to organise one clinic every year or two years on your venue. If you are interested in starting up a Soulful Tribe on your venue, you can always contact us. We will support you in advertising the event on Facebook.

How will you get the support?

Every month, you are able to upload a video of you and your horse. We will give online support. We will also start up an online group where you can share stories and questions with me and the Soulful Tribe Members. Than every year or every 2 years, we get together for a 4 day clinic.

Why did we set up this idea?

We see a lot of people who are looking for support in teachers and fellow horse lovers. This concept supports you in both ways! You will have a group where you can share your ideas and thoughts, who show respect to each other and support where is necesarry.


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