Yearcourse TCM & Acupressure



Acupressure is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Thanks to TCM we help the horse regain his peace and promote his health. This supports the horse emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically. Just like us, animals can get out of balance due to stress, energy, trauma or other circumstances. We work with TCM through the five elements and meridians to bring the horse back into balance in his / her body. Traditional Chinese Medicine views the animal (or human) as a whole, everything is connected. For example, a certain behavior may be due to an imbalance in the horse’s energy or organs. In this way we map out why a horse shows certain behaviors (such as biting, depression, anxiety) or physical problems (such as bad coat, stiffness, etc.).


  • The basics of TCM
  • Zang fu organs and their functions
  • The metal element
  • The earth element
  • The fire element
  • The fire element
  • The water element
  • The wood element
  • Exam


After the training you are able to:

  • Feel imbalance in the body of the horse yourself
  • Draw up a treatment plan
  • Explain to the owner why a problem has occurred
  • Treat the horse
  • Estimate when a new treatment is needed
  • Provide advice on which herbs the horse can furth


This course can be followed ONLINE. You only have to attend a three day practical course.

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