Our goal is to bring peace and balance to the mind, emotions and soul

Through different kinds of therapies, we help the horse to release tension, stress and emotions. We will look for the cause of a certain behavior or a physical problem and apply the appropriate therapy.

Thanks to different kinds of therapies, we help horses find their peace and promote their health. This supports the horse emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically. Just like us, animals can be out of balance by stress, negative energy or other problems. That is why we sometimes not only treat the horse, but also the owner/trainer. Not only our physical discomfort can bring a horse out of balance while riding, but our emotions can also have an effect on our horse. Horses are mirrors and show us not only what they feel, but also what we feel.

Depending on the problem, we use :

  • Aromatherapy: These very high-quality essential oils will help the horse to release trauma and emotions more easily before and during treatment
  • TCM and Acupressure: We work with the five elements and meridians to bring the horse back into balance in his/her body. Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the animal (or human) as a whole, everything is connected to each other. For example, a certain behavior may be due to an imbalance in the energy or organs of the horse. In this way we look at why a horse shows certain behavior (such as biting, depression, anxiety) or physical problems (such as dull coat, stiffness, …).
  • Reiki: With Reiki we work with energy to resolve emotional blockages and to bring the horse back into balance. We mainly work on the chakras of the horse.
  • NES miHealth: The NES miHealth focuses specifically on parts of the body that need healing. This instrument does this by sending signals at frequencies that are tuned to specific parts of the body field. The goal is to maximize the energy of the body. We do this because the body retains patterns when the energy is slow from being interrupted. We can also scan your horse and see what is going on in their mind and body.
  • Guasha: With Guasha therapy we look for stored waste products in the body. By working with gemstones, we are going to help remove these waste products from the body. The waste is stored in the connective tissue and muscles. The body is then no longer able to get rid of the waste products through the lymphatic system. As a result, the connective tissue will narrow, acidify the muscles and inflame the joints. Many horses with muscle problems and blockades benefit from this.
  • Bioresonance (from September 2020)
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy (from 2021)

Before we start treatment, we do a short intake intake about what problems the horse has had in the past and what he / she is currently experiencing. After this we check the horse and feel where there is certain imbalance in the body. Based on this, we put together a treatment and plan to get the horse back fit and healthy.