Acupressure brings peace and balance to mind, emotions and soul

Through energy and pressure points we help the horse to release tension, stress and emotions.

Thanks to acupressure, we help horses find their peace and promote their health. This supports the horse emotionally, spiritually, energetically and physically. We also combine myofascial triggerpoint therapy, reiki, aromatherapy and Bach Flower Therapy to support the healing.

Just like us, animals can be out of balance by stress, negative energy or other problems. Acupressure is a pressure point massage and is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We work with the five elements and meridians to bring the horse back into balance in his/her body. Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the animal (or human) as a whole, everything is connected to each other. For example, a certain behavior may be due to an imbalance in the energy or organs of the horse. In this way we look at why a horse shows certain behavior (such as biting, depression, anxiety) or physical problems (such as dull coat, stiffness, …).

In this way we can clear the body of energetic blockages. This will improve the health of the animal. Depending on what problem is, we can feel and find where the energetic blockage is in the body.

Before we start with the treatment, we do a short intake interview about what problems the horse has had in the past and what he/she suffers from. After this we look at the horse and we feel where there is a certain imbalance in the body. From this we put together a treatment and plan to support the horse in his healing proces.

In addition to acupressure, we also apply various other techniques:

  • Reiki
  • Myofascial Triggerpoint Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Herbal medicine
  • Bach Flower