1st consultation treatment

  • Intake conversation about the horse
  • Treatment horse (and possibly owner / trainer treatment)

€95 horse (intake + treatment takes +/- 1h30 min)
€75 owner / trainer (intake + treatment takes +/- 1h30 min)
Excluding transportation costs

2nd consultation treatment

If necessary for a 2nd consultation (within 6 months)

€85 horse (treatment lasts +/- 60 minutes)
€65 owner / trainer (treatment takes +/- 60 minutes)
Excluding transportation costs

3rd consultation training / treatment

Rarely is a 3rd treatment required, but this is of course possible. We usually use the 2nd or 3rd consultation to draw up a training schedule and give further explain how we can continue to work with the horse through rehabilitation / rehabilitation training.

€65 horse (treatment lasts +/- 60 minutes)
Excluding transportation costs

Possible further consultation training

In these consultations we will further guide you in the rehabilitation / rehabilitation training if this is necessary or you would like to.

Prices: € 65 horse (treatment lasts +/- 60 minutes)
Excluding transportation costs

These prices depent from country to country because of travel costs. For more information regarding prices, please send me an email. In this facebook group you can follow when and where we will be in your country.

NES miHealth scan or bioresonance analysis:

With the NES miHealth we can not only treat but we can also scan the horse. In this way we see what is going on deeper in the body. We can see the emotional and physical problems, but also for see pollution and deficiencies in the body. You can also request a bio resonance analysis for the consultation. The hair is then sent by post or taken during a consultation.

Price NES miHealth scan or bioresonance analysis: € 45

This is not necessary, but in some cases we recommend it. This price is on top of the treatment, a miHealth scan or bioresonance analysis is not included in a standard treatment. 

Depending on the physical or mental problem, we choose a certain therapies to help the horse. We usually end the therapy with the NES miHealth. Afterwards we can see how we can help further through training. We mainly provide guidance through exercises for the horse on the ground. We work primarily through movement motivation, biomechanics and movement science. Because of this we work not only with the body of the horse, but also with the brain and neurology of the horse. This is very important in rehabilitation!