The NES miHealth scans the body area of the horse and can be used to support acupressure.

The NES miHealth is a powerful, proven, non-invasive device that supports the horse in removing energy blockages and in identifying general complaints.

How does the NES miHealth work?

The NES miHealth uses 4 technologies to help the body:

Bio-electrical stimulation: this supports the stimulation of the skin and blood circulation in the body. In addition, it ensures that neuropeptides are released and C-fibers are activated.
Global Scaling frequencies: frequencies based on the vibrations of the energy of the horse’s body. As a result, the mihealth is able to offer support in correcting the energy flows in the (body) field such as in acupressure.
Medicinal information: these specific and patented codes have been identified by NES health when sorting the entire body field. We use the miHealth to support acupressure. If you want a specific scan of your horse (or yourself), please report this in advance (we need Wifi for this).
Pulsed electromagnetic frequencies: these are magnetic pulses that are sent to tissue that is injured to stimulate the self-healing ability of the body.

The NES miHealth helps stimulate the body by specifically focusing on those parts of the body that need healing. This is done by transmitting ultra-weak signals on frequencies that are tuned to specific parts of the body field and by measuring how the body reacts to this.

The goal is to let the body’s energy flow again. Restoring the energy flow ensures that new and healing information can be received. These support the body in the development and training of new patterns for health and well-being.

The NES miHealth will issue electronic impulses that are send to the source of the pain or the problem. This allows the body to heal itself. It also has a direct biochemical effect on the C-nerve pathway (special type that consists of 85% of all nerves in the body). The function of these nerves is to stimulate neural and other peptides that stimulate pain reduction and stimulate tissue repair. These neural pathways usually respond immediately to electrostimulation of the NES miHealth. You can also work with the NES miHealth both on direct contact and at some distance. This makes it useful for horses that are difficult to touch.