Essential oils & Bach Flower Therapy


Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Therapy support the health of your horse.

Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Therapy is a natural way to heal physically and mentally.

We have many different types of essential oils and it is important that we work with 100% pure essential oils when we want to use them with our animals.


Essential oils are aromatic substances that have been distilled from plants (seeds, tree, flower, fruit, …). Each oil has beneficial properties such as reducing stress, supporting immunity, anti-bacterial effect, supporting allergies,… They have many beneficial properties for yourself and your horse.

I chose the products from DoTERRA because they have a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade label. This means that an independent company tests these essential oils for purity and composition.

These essential oils are extracted from plants that grow in their country of origin so that they can grow perfectly in their natural environment. These oils therefore do not require pesticides or other artificial products. That is why we can safely use these products with us and our animals.

Which essential oil you need to treat the animal depends on the problem. Some animals react sensitive to essential oils. So we have to know how to use them. Essential oils can be perfectly combined with energetic healing. Because these oils are so pure, we do not need much and we can dilute them with a base oil.

Bach Flower Therapy is a therapy that is supportive and natural, it is developed by Dr. Edward Bach. Different extracts or flowers are used depending on the complaints. Bach Flowers have a positive influence on emotions. This creates a positive effect with feelings like anxiety, stress, change, insecurity, … This is a perfect combination with essential oils!