Yearcourse Equine Healer



An ‘Equine Healer’ helps the horse to restore his body from mental or physical trauma through reiki and aromatherapy. Horses are very sensitive to stress. In nature, the horse is free, they have social contact, they graze about 15 hours a day and the foal becomes independent at the age of 1 – 1.5 years. Our domesticated horses still have the same needs as wild horses. This can not always be offered by the owner, which puts the horse in stress. This brings along both emotional and physical problems for the horse. Think about the horses that are weaned at 3 or 6 months of age. In addition, many horses are put under pressure and stress through training, which makes them go out of balance. As Equine Aromahealer you help the horse to relieve these traumas and bring the body back in to balance.


This training consists of several modules spread over 1 year. With each module there are tasks that you have to submit online. At the end of the training there is an exam attached to it. This exam is only a practical exam.Most of this training is home study. You will receive your package upon registration. You will also receive an account to log in to the online portal. From here you will be able to view all online videos about theory and practice.

There will be one practical weekend organized. In addition, you will have to film yourself regularly for tasks when treating a horse. This also applies to your final exam. 

This course can be followed mostly ONLINE if you are overseas!

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