The Horse Communicator


Therapy, advice and courses

Just like everything in nature,

true connection can’t be forced.

Through our training and treatments we help the horse to feel emotionally and physically balanced. Our focus is on finding connection and understanding with the horse.

During a consultation we look for the cause of a certain behavior and discuss how we can help the horse. We do not offer a “quick fix” or symptom-solving solutions. The horse only has his behavior to make something clear to us or to show how they feel. Only by respecting their body language and voice can we build a connection through trust.

We focus on:

  • Rehabilitation of horses with emotional and mental imbalance/problems
  • Revabilitation of horses with physical imbalance/problems
  • Helping owner and horse with different kind of therapy
  • Connection with the horse based on true communication and not on fear or force
  • Understanding body language and looking for the cause of certain behaviors to provide an appropriate solution

You can contact us for:

  • Treatments: Specific treatments for the horse (and owner)
  • Training schedule: Creating a specific training schedule for your horse during rehabilitation/revalidation
  • Education & courses: Training to get started yourself to help horses
  • Bioresonance: Sending us some hairs from your horse/yourself for analysing (and treatment)