The Horse Communicator


Consciously training through connection and respect

Your horse,
your best friend,
your soulmate!

Keeping the horse healthy on 3 dimensions; body, mind and soul.

Our goal is to help trainer and horse find a connection. Next to becoming aware of our own body language and energy, we also focus on understanding the behavior of the horse. We look at the cause of a certain behavior and try to help the horse from there. We do not offer ‘quick fix’ or training based on solving symptom. The horse only has his behavior to show us how he/she feels. By respecting their body language, we build a connection on trust.

Are you looking for:

  • A real connection with your horse based on true communication and not on fear or force?
  • A way to keep your horse healthy on the 3 dimensions: body, mind and soul?
  • A coach who works with you and your horse as if it were her own horse?
  • A balance in your training between ‘being’ and ‘doing’ with your horse?
  • A coach who listens to your story and discusses how we can work with your horse, showing you the goal of an exercise,..?

Do you also notice that:

  • You don’t always understand what your horse means with his body language?
  • Your horse doesn’t come to you voluntarily and doesn’t want to make a connection?
  • Your horse doesn’t feel well and you have a feeling something is wrong?
  • You and your horse are not enjoying groundwork or riding?
  • You want a good relationship with your horse?

In 2004 I chose to listen to my horse instead of having a conversation where only I spoke. Two years later I chose to share my knowledge with other horse lovers. Throughout the years, I’ve created my business ‘The Horse Communicator’. Besides working in liberty, biomechanics and horse language, I specialize in Chinese medicine, acupressure and other holistic healing methods.