The Horse Communicator

That is our goal!
That is our mission!

Is your horse a real athlete? Or do you enjoy going for a walk together? Maybe your horse is your best buddy? Regardless of what you do with your horse, one thing is certain: you want a healthy and happy horse!

Well, that’s our mission! A true athlete will perform better if he is happy and healthy. Your ride in nature will be much more fun if your horse is feeling good mentally and physically. You know your horse like no other, so you also knowt when somthing is wrong with your best friend.

Through coaching and therapy we help the horse to feel emotionally and physically balanced. Our focus is on finding connection and understanding with the horse. Our focus lies on the functioning of the horse’s brain and how this affects the whole body, emotionally and physically, but also on how we can bring and keep the body in balance through various therapies. We think it is important that the emphasis is on finding connection and understanding with the horse. Horses are masters in reading body language. That is why you will notice that we also spend time and attention to your way of moving and thinking when you work with your horse.

We do not provide “quick fix” or symptom resolution training. The horse only has a certrain behavior to tell us how he/she feels. Only by respecting their body language and own voice, we build a connection through trust.

We focus on:

  • Rehabilitation of horses with emotional and mental imbalance/problems
  • Revalidation of horses with physical imbalance/problems
  • Rehabilitation and rehabilitation based on movement motivation and brain science
  • Connection with the horse based on true communication and not on fear or coercion
  • Understanding body language and looking for the cause of certain behavior to provide an appropriate solution
  • Teach you as an owner / trainer how you can maintain your horse in good physical / mental health
  • Guiding you and your horse in to a true connection so you can find your passion together

You can contact us for:

  • Coaching & Therapy
  • Courses & Education
  • Masterclass Events